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P&P 12' Vinyl record

Packaging design

Design of Limited edititon 12 inch vinyl record for P&P Label. Release by DJ Pinch (UK) and Pavel Ambiont (BY), tracks: Jellybean, Poison / Remedy.

Big clash of swords and sounds as the Belarussian Pavel Ambiont mets Bristol's Pinch. The resulting two tracks of deep dark Techno Dubstep are blacker than black. Lots of crackles and snaps pound down like that lightning storm from middle earth. 'Jellybean' has more Dubstep edges and 'Poison / Remedy' holds the rod to the storm.
Catalogue Number: P&P100, Redeye Catalogue Number: 23056

"I found that Creasence group was incredibly easy to work with. Their designer understood the concepts behind the music of the release and transformed that into a simple but striking design for the label artwork that really stands out from the shelves of record shops. I would recommend their talents to anyone looking for a graphic design company to conceptualize the subjective."

Producer, Label's owner

"We've been already past the last deadline with the design for this release - and were going to use the design layout I came out with. But I wasn't satisfied with it, so decided to ask my friend Alexander Nevolin to help us - not really hoping for getting anything in such a short time. But Alexander has truly surprised us swiftly coming up with this simple and powerful graphic idea. Being an electronic musician himself, he feels the style and aesthetics of such music - so his visual solution was minimal and functional and highly effective. After seeing this layout we approved it on the spot - and in a couple of weeks the plates were cut! I really look forward to work with Alexander and Creasense on some of my future releases."

Pavel Ambiont,

This work has been published in:

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by AVA Publishing (Switzerland);

• "Design and Design Book of the year Vol. 4", 2012, by index Book (France);

• "Choi's Package vol. 02" book, 2011,
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• "Pack Your Life 2" book, 2012,
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• "BLACK / WHITE / GRAY", 2013, by SendPoint (China)