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Music Kollektiv

Brand Identity

Brand identity for Music Kollektiv label.

The Kollektiv Artists is a Moscow based collective for free and forward thinking electronic musicians. Their albums are about creatively channeling the dormant energies of the universe, and expressing natural feeling, through technologies; finding unconventional rhythms and telling their stories; paying attention to slight glances; taking chances and unexpected turns; with the sole hope of enlivening the spirits of music lovers.

The Kollektiv Artists series has featured some of the most exciting underground producers from around the world, and so far label's family consists of 75 artists from 20 different countries. Importantly, this choose to create and share in a collective, rather than a commercial fashion.

Music Kollektiv works with artist such as Andrey Zots, Alicia Hush, Cesare vs Disorder, Cleymoore, Dr. Nojoke, Easy Changes, Laurine Frost, Lazzich, Lump, Pachyderme, Rudolf, SeQ, YWI, Zaid Edghaim and many others.