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Drag and Drop

Brand identity, Promotion

Naming, brand identity, promotion and original minimalistic promo posters and flyers for "DRAG AND DROP" events series.
Event format: contemporary minimalistic electronic music.
Artists: Akiko Kiyama (JP/DE), Benjamin Fehr (DE), Laurine Frost (HU), Easy Changes (RU), Sebastian Koch (DE), Tim Tor (NL), Lenique (IL/DE) and others.

Video by Trust Creative
This work has been published in:

• "The Fundamentals of Typography 2" book, 2011, by AVA Publishing (Switzerland);

• "Design and Design Book of the year Vol. 4", 2012, by index Book (France);

• "Design and Design Book of the year Vol. 5", 2013, by index Book (France);

• "GOOD IDEA! TWO", 2013, by Hightone book (China)

• "BLACK / WHITE / GRAY", 2013, by SendPoint (China)